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Powers of Nextjs

After a while I finally came up with something to write about.
Nextjs is a library built on top of Reactjs library,It is Seo friendly and also has server side rendering capabilities.

Below are some of the key features why you should consider Nextjs as a React developer

Nextjs make use of hot reload which is
similar to React virtual dom, as it renders
component after save and doesnt require a
page reload.

Nextjs provides developers with a Link
component with enables easy page routes.

In Nextjs developers doesnt necessarily need

to set up page routes for every specific
component as all components could be
rendered in a pages folder serves specific
component with the components nme. for
example Header.js will be served as
process.env.NODE_ENV !== "production" ?

Typescript support:
Nextjs is written with typescript and has
excellent typescript support.

Node Ecosystem:
    Nextjs being React based gels well with 
node ecosystem.

 Component specific styles:
      Nextjs components could have specific 
 styles for each of them ,thou a global 
 styles could be written but it is practically 
 recommended to add specific styles to 
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Here are just a few of the capabilities of Nextjs...

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