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Top 10 Windows keyboard Shortcut Keys 🚀🚀

Hello Guys, Today in this article I am showing top 10 windows shortcut key for beginners.
So, Let's start today's article...

• Top 10 Windows Keyboard
Shortcut key 👇
( "Win" mean Windows Key )

👉 Win + E :-
This shortcut key quickly open your file manager.

👉 Win + UP/DOWN Arrow :-
Win + Down arrow key minimize working window and Win + Up arrow used to full screen working window.

👉 Win + Left/Right Arrow :-
This short cut key used to split screen in two parts when you press Win + Left arrow keys working window take place in left side of screen and when you press Win + Right arrow working window in right side of screen.

👉 Win + D :-
This keys use for minimize all open tabs or window in your pc.

👉 Ctrl + N :-
Quick creating new file in your desktop.

👉 Ctrl + Shift + N :-
This keys create quick new folder in your desktop.

👉 Win + ";" :-
How to open emoji panel in your desktop?? Then press Win + ";" and see your emoji panel.

👉 Win + Shift + S :-
Take a advance screenshot in your pc by using Win + Shift + S. You can take rectangle, square and free-form screen shots.

👉 Win + V :-
You need copied text which you copy 5-6 hours before then press Win + V and see your clipboard history.

👉 Win + L :-
Lock your pc quickly by pressing Win + L keys.

🙏 Thanks for reading....

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Never thought of these shortcuts. Is it possible to repost this on my website Please allow me to do so.

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Shubham Jadhav

Fine, post in your website, I am happy to share this.