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Abanoub Hanna
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Why I Love Go ?

The first time I heard about Go is a year ago. I fell in love with this gorgeous programming language because I thought of the building principles of it three years ago.

I am not capable of creating a programming language, yet I used to think about an easy to write language and efficient to compile and run, Easy to understand and fix errors, can be scale simply and efficiently.

When I write in Java I thought of a less rubbish code.. when I use Python I think of a more performant language.. when I write in C or C++ or Rust I painfully think of a less painful parallelism and a close performance with simpler syntax and logic.

It was a dream! Lovely to see your dream in reality 😍

Everytime I need to choose a language, I try to choose Go ❤ if I can.

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Nucu Labs

Go is a fun language. I wish I had some ideas for some projects to write in it.

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Abanoub Hanna

It's great especially for servers.