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Set up .env in react project tips

Found this tips while i'm fetching issue set up .env variable in react project

  • The .env file should be in the root for you application folder. That is one level above your src folder, the same place where you have your package.json
  • The variable should be prefixed with REACT_APP_ You need to restart the server to reflect the changes in your code.
  • You should access the variable in your code like this process.env.REACT_APP_SOME_VARIABLE
  • No need to wrap your variable value in single or double quotes.
  • Do not put semicolon ; or comma , at the end of each line.

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Anders Björkland

Also, look out so you don't store any sensitive credentials in that .env. They will be publicly available as they are bundle on build time with the rest of the react app.
See this StackOverflow answer for reference