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Shodipo Ayomide
Shodipo Ayomide

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My Next Adventure

Moving on doesn't mean forgetting the past, the past is part of what made a way to the future we are in today.

My time at Stack Overflow came to an end sometime recently, it was an exciting run working with some of the smartest engineers and community leaders I have ever met, which specifically thought me to do more and keep getting better, working daily and never seeing how good everyone is getting to stop me from getting even much better.

But, never forget one thing, part of the end of something huuge, is just the beginning of something far much greater.

I'm super excited to be leading Global Developer Advocacy at Polygon.

My team would be covering everything around the building of example applications on Polygon, community building, hackathons, engineering content, and more.

I believe the future of Ethereum and the internet would be built on Polygon and I'm excited to be part of this huge story being forged.

I got offers from companies I didn't expect, I saw offers coming in from Amazon, Snapchat, Ford Motors, Elastic Search, Scylladb, and more, all great products, then one popped up on my screen from Polygon, I wasn't particularly excited, but after 10 minutes of research and looking at what goes on at Polygon, it looked exactly like my next adventure, and now I've been working here and yes it's actually what I expected.

Looking forward to more years at Polygon.

As I said in the last one,

The journey is only 1% finished,

Jisi nu ike "Be Strong".

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Enoch Chejieh

Nice one man, Congratulations!!

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Abiola Esther

Congrats Ayo🎉

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Emma Odia

Congratulations Shodipo! 🔥

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Idris Olubisi💡


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Olumide Aderinwale

Congratulations Shodipo!