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Bishwas Bhandari
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I made two new web tools with React and Django, and here's my experience!

I am a independent developer, and I have developed tons of web tools with my Django skills but I learnt React and Next Js, and here's my story...

Why independent development?

There are tons of reason you should try independent development, and some reason I started independent development is...
It gives your child a sense of importance and belonging which is essential for building confidence and for contributing to the community. Also, it develops a vibe of ownership within you.

Initial development of my web apps / tools

Well, initially I used Django only for the development and deployed the webapps in the server. But really there's a reason I used Django for it... The reason is I was learning Django for the sole purpose of making those webapps, and I knew no other web frameworks.
Com'n, Django is by far the easiest and the fastest web framework I've ever tested.
I didn't had to worry about the CSRF and other security stuff of my web app, 'cause the data I displayed was scraped from somewhere else.

Some of my very common/new web apps...

  1. YouTube Tag Generator
  2. Related Keyword Generator
  3. Linkedin Hashtags Generator

Switching to React and Next Js

Actually, I didn't completely switched to React/NextJs, I only switched the front-end part of my web apps. The back-end still is in Django.


I had to secure my web apps in such a way that it doesn't leaks the back-end part, I didn't wanted the backend to be public.
Then, I tried using the API of Next Js, and requested the Django server with it. Also, using CSRF became easy because of that. I used a package named next-csrf for this task.

The Best Part

The best part is that with all of this hustle and hard work, it's going to pay me off with nice Google Adsense revenue. NFT Name Generator is one of my most popular web app. And, I it's paying my nice.

Thanks for being with me, have a good day!

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Bishwas Bhandari

hope you guys loved it