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Is it Pokémon or Big Data? DevOps books, and other resources

Here's our latest pick of developer resources and news featured in our Developer Economics biweekly newsletter. Our NEW State of the Developer Nation report is out now! 19,000+ developers took our last survey, and their insights went into this report. Read about the fastest growing programming language communities, why some developers feel like pre-Covid19 life is not coming back, how big is "big data" in reality, why some developers are more influential than others, and more. Curious to know the methodology behind our surveys? Check out our chief analyst Christina's article: Developer Research 101: The right methodology for reliable survey data.

Dev Resources & Articles

7 DevOps books to read in 2021. If you are looking to learn more about Ansible, Azure, Docker, Terraform, Kubernetes, and their roles in DevOps, then this blog post is for you. [DEVELOPERECONOMICS]

Is it Pokémon or Big Data? A fun little microsite where you have to guess whether it’s a Big Data project or a Pokémon. Enjoy and let us know your score! [PIXELASTIC]

The engineer’s complete guide to code quality. There are lots of ways you can improve your code quality, make it easier to review and test and reduce the pain later of having to fix all of the errors. Let's take a look. [DZONE]

Dev tools tabs explained — plus tips & tricks. [Podcast] In this episode of Syntax, Scott and Wes talk about dev tools tabs, what each tab does and how you can use them. [SYNTAX]

Five key best practices for AWS cost optimisation – analysed. Optimising cloud costs is about striking a healthy balance between price and performance. You want your applications to have enough resources, but at the same time avoid cloud waste. Here are five tips to get you started on your AWS cost optimisation journey. [CLOUDCOMPUTING-NEWS]

The best way to stay up to date with C# 10 features. This blog post contains some useful links for developers who want to stay on the cutting edge of the C# programming language.. [PRODUCTIVECSHARP]

What most developers get wrong about bugs? Who’s to blame for bugs? Blame developers? Blame testers? [LEVELUP.GITCONNECTED]

Debugging with choose-your-own-adventure-style puzzles. Julia Evans has started building some choose-your-own-adventure-style puzzles about debugging networking problems. She's created two so far "The Case of the Connection Timeout" and "The Case of the Slow Website". Check them out! [JVNS]

GitLab offering free certification until April 31. The link to a Reddit thread provides further context - individual GitLab users who earn GitLab Certified Associate certification receive a certification logo they can share on social media to showcase their accomplishments. This helps highlight to colleagues and employers their foundational knowledge of how to use GitLab, and their capacity for growth in gaining additional GitLab skills going forward. [REDDIT]

Some libraries you can use with Vanilla JS. Here are some examples of their libraries that make Vanilla JS somewhat impeccable. [DEVTO]

To overcome imposter syndrome, think in systems. Success comes when you work intelligently within a system of interconnected parts. Understanding the system you’re in, and the intelligent ways in which you interact with it, goes a long way towards understanding the success you’ve achieved—and overcoming imposter syndrome. [ALIFEOFPRODUCTIVITY]

Don’t we all just want to use SQL on the frontend? When we consume REST, GraphQL, or RPC APIs from the frontend, most of the time these api calls just end up being translated into SQL statements on the backend. So why don’t we just write SQL in the frontend to begin with? [VJPR.MEDIUM]

The unconventional Developer Advocate? Want to know more about the person behind the Developer Economics newsletter? [DEVTO]

Top 20+ bootstrap dashboard templates to use absolutely free. Flatlogic have gathered a list of the most attractive admin dashboards for you to choose from. Build your website effortlessly and in record time with free Bootstrap admin templates. [FLATLOGIC]

Open Source on Mars: Community powers NASA’s Ingenuity Helicopter. Nearly 12,000 people contributed code, documentation, graphic design, and more to the open source software that made Ingenuity’s launch possible. To celebrate this moment in open source history, GitHub added a new badge to profiles of those contributors. [GITHUB]

Industry News

The first public preview of Visual Studio 2022 will be released this summer. The next major release of Visual Studio will be faster, more approachable, and more lightweight, designed for both learners and those building industrial scale solutions. For the first time ever, Visual Studio will be 64-bit. The user experience will feel cleaner, intelligent, and action oriented. [DEVBLOGS.MICROSOFT]

Google provides funding for development of OpenSSL alternative.The Internet Security Research Group has announced that Google has provided funding for Rust developer Dirkjan Ochtman to make improvements to Rustls, a memory-safe alternative to OpenSSL. This funding is linked to the news reported back in February that the ISRG will be making Apache HTTP Server’s implementation of httpd more secure by using Rustls in its components. [NEOWIN]

Windows 10 feature update: Here's what to expect in the next release.While the Windows 10 Spring 2021 update is going to be a minor service pack style-like with a strong focus on quality improvements for enterprise customers, reports have suggested that Windows 10 version 21H2 is going to be a big release. With Windows 10 Sun Valley update, we're expecting new features for Start Menu, Taskbar, Action Center (notification center), File Explorer, and more. [BLEEPINGCOMPUTER]

Microsoft previews Rust for Windows. Microsoft announced the preview of Rust for Windows, which aims to enable creating Rust apps for Windows using any Windows API. Rust for Windows aims to make available both older and more recent APIs by leveraging the win32metadata project to create idiomatic projections of Windows API for languages other than C# and F#. [INFOQ]

Firefox 88 for developers. Developer-related highlights include a new toggle button in the Network panel for switching between JSON formatted HTTP response and raw data, The :user-valid and :user-invalid pseudo-classes have been implemented, FTP has been disabled on all releases, and more. [DEVELOPER.MOZILLA]

Everything Apple announced at its April 2021 iPad and iMac event event. Apple’s ‘Spring Loaded’ 2021 event was full of interesting announcements, including some long-awaited ones (AirTags!) and some welcome surprises (rainbow iMacs!). [THENEXTWEB]

Oculus now allows developers to sell subscriptions to their Quest apps and games. Developers who have apps or games on the Oculus Store can now sell recurring subscriptions to their titles, as opposed to offering them for a one-time fee or choosing to handle the subscription process independently. This should give developers an easier, more sustainable way to offer new content, features, and tools to paid subscribers over time. [THEVERGE]

Harman introduces Ignite Store Developers Portal, a dedicated hub for Android developers. Through the Developers Portal, those developing to the Android Automotive open operating system can deploy automotive apps – which OEMs can then easily scale and manage to drive new digital touchpoints with their customers through the HARMAN Ignite Store. [TELEMATICNEWS]

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