Developing Ionic React Apps in an Nx Workspace with @nxtend/ionic-react

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I am extremely excited to announce the release of my new Nx plugin @nxtend/ionic-react. With this plugin, it is easier than ever to develop Ionic React applications in an Nx workspace.

Background and Motivation

I have been a fan of both Ionic and Nx for a while now, so once both of these projects added React support, they seemed like a natural pair. However, when I attempted to convert an Nx React application, I quickly ran into issues. With the help of the community and the Nrwl team, we are now able to develop Ionic React applications in an Nx workspace. Over the last few weeks, I have been developing an Nx plugin to automate the generation of an Ionic React application, and I'm excited to finally share it.


Adding the @nxtend/ionic-react plugin to your Nx workspace is trivial, and works just like any other Nx plugin.

If you use the Angular CLI, run:

ng add @nxtend/ionic-react

If you use the Nx CLI and Yarn, run:

yarn add --dev @nxtend/ionic-react

If you use the Nx CLI and NPM, run:

npm install --save-dev @nxtend/ionic-react

Now, create your Ionic React application.

nx generate @nxtend/react:application myApp

Nx will ask you some questions about the application, but you can customize it further by passing these options:

nx generate @nxtend/ionic-react:application [name] [options,...]

  --name                  The name of the application.
  --directory             The directory of the new application.
  --style                 The file extension to be used for style files. (default: css)
  --linter                The tool to use for running lint checks. (default: tslint)
  --skipFormat            Skip formatting files
  --skipWorkspaceJson     Skip updating workspace.json with default schematic options based on values provided to this app (e.g. babel, style)
  --unitTestRunner        Test runner to use for unit tests (default: jest)
  --e2eTestRunner         Test runner to use for end to end (e2e) tests (default: cypress)
  --tags                  Add tags to the application (used for linting)
  --pascalCaseFiles       Use pascal case component file name (e.g. App.tsx)
  --classComponent        Use class components instead of functional component
  --js                    Generate JavaScript files rather than TypeScript files
  --dryRun                undefined
  --help                  Show available options for project target.

Future Development

I have had a great time working on this project, and I plan to immediately begin iterating on it.


One of the next features that I will be working on is the ability to generate a publishable Ionic React library. Currently, if Ionic components are used in a publishable @nrwl/react library then it will error out. I believe that I have identified the issue, and will be testing a fix soon.


The Ionic CLI offers a page schematic for Angular applications, so I intend to offer similar functionality for this plugin.

Additonal Starters

The Ionic CLI allows you to generate a new application with one of several starter templates. Over time, I intend to add support for each of these official templates.

Additional Plugins

@nxtend/ionic-react is just the beginning. I have plans for entirely new Nx plugins that I will publish under the @nxtend scope, but you'll have to stay tuned for more information on that. 😁

Wrapping Up

I have had an amazing time working with Nx and schematics and I can't wait to iterate on this project. If anyone finds an issue with the project or has a suggestion, don't hesitate to file an issue on GitHub.


nxtend GitHub: https://github.com/devinshoemaker/nxtend

NPM Package: https://www.npmjs.com/package/@nxtend/ionic-react

Nx: https://nx.dev

Ionic Framework: https://ionicframework.com

Original GitHub Issue: https://github.com/nrwl/nx/issues/1931


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ch4mpy profile image
Jérôme Wacongne

Would be exited to see a @nxtend/ionic-angular ;)

devinshoemaker profile image
Devin Shoemaker Author

That's not out of the question for the future 😄 I can't promise anything soon though, I have a lot in the pipeline right now!

mcmunder profile image
Matthias Christoph Munder

Maybe this link helps in that direction: medium.com/@haleminh27/ionic-4-nes...

mcmunder profile image
Matthias Christoph Munder

😎🚀 Would be very exciting to get everything running smoothly in a single monorepo! I gave your plugin a try and it works nicely so far. How would you go about adding capacitor support and target native ios and android in this setup?

devinshoemaker profile image
Devin Shoemaker Author

Thanks! I have thought about this and I have plans to improve Capacitor support in Nx. It may be some effort on my end, I might have to try and contribute to Capacitor as well, but I'm not totally sure. I have gotten Capacitor working with a single app that I could make a schematic for, however, that doesn't help a TON in a monorepo workspace. My goal is to get this working as a first-class citizen eventually. 😁