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PHP Package: Caller

fobber / caller

A library for calling functions, closures, classes and methods.


This is a library that can be used to call functions, closures(AKA: anonymous functions), classes and methods. It can be used for calling dynamic values, say a handler in an HTTP router. Or containers.


You can install this via composer, or manually download the files.

composer require fobber/caller

Caller Documentation

    \Closure $closure,
    array    $parameters = []
    string $function,
    array  $parameters = []
    string $class,
    array  $parameters = []
    object $object,
    string $method,
    array  $parameters  = [],
    bool   $static_only = false

Caller Basic Usage

require_once __DIR__.'/path/to/autoload.php';

use \Fobber\Caller\{

use \Fobber\Exceptions\{

$validator = new Validator;
$caller    = new Caller($validator);

Calling Closures

$value = $caller->

Hey! I published my first library to composer. Any PHP developers have time to read some code, you can check out my package on GitHub/Packagist.

If you read the code, it'd be nice if you'd let me know what you think.

You can install it via Composer, like so:

composer require fobber/caller

It's a library for calling things like functions, closures, classes and methods. You might be wondering why I would make something like this, but I made it so you can utilize it to make calls to dynamic values/handlers. Let's say you're building a Router library. And you want to able to separate your code into different files, like Controllers.

So you could so something similar to:

$object = $caller->callClass(IndexController::class);
$method = '__invoke';
$parameters = [$request, $response];
$caller->callMethod($object, $method, $parameters);

Or later once I got it implemented:

$caller->call('IndexController', [$request, $response]);

And with a neat little feature, you can have prefix and suffix parameters. If say all your controllers and their methods need a $request and $response, you can set it. And all you have to do is this:


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michaelgv profile image

It looks nice, but how does it save someone time when building a router?

Typically the router logic to find and invoke would be one time per controller, the autoloader would hunt, the router will effectively create new instance (within NS or without), trigger $controller->$method([...arguments...]), typically there should be lifecycle hooks on it as well. Most of the time if you’re using a cache like Redis, you can dump the object to the redis cluster, skip autoloading and hot-restore it with deserialization, and have it available faster than regular hunting.

devmazee2057282 profile image

I don't know anything about lifecycle hooks. I'm not sure what you mean.

coajaxial profile image

Don't try to wrap stuff that is already easily enough to use in the language itself. This applies to both your library and even its implementation (e.g. Have a look at But don't worry, I used to do that too :)

devmazee2057282 profile image

Yeah, that's actually what I noted to myself. I was already planning to remove that stuff in a future release. XD