Help with conducting SCRUM training!

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Hi all! Some time ago I got offered to conduct training about SCRUM and agile methodologies for beginners. I am going to prepare a presentation and some practical exercises e.g. poker planning, daily roundup, retrospective meeting etc. It is going to be based on my personal experience from a few companies at which I worked. I have a few questions:

  • What topic should I focus on the most?
  • What would you like to learn at the training?
  • Which one thing do you most appreciate about SCRUM?
  • Do you happen to know about some good exercises or sources which I should use for my presentation?
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Sorry for not asking a question but in a job listing I saw SCRUM and I've never worked with it. Any suggestions on how to start learning it, just the basics?


On the official site of Scrum you can find quite good and short guide about that method:
There are of course other books, which describe Scrum more deeply, but I haven't any favorite. You can also find some courses on Pluralsight :)

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