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Best Websites for Developers

Here are some of the most beneficial websites I've found to make my life simpler. Make a note of this post and let's get started.

1. Beautiful Snippet Code

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You may now digitally share attractive Snippet code graphics of any programming language with your pals. You may also change the colors, typeface, and other aspects of the sample picture.

2. Cheat sheet

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Cheatography is a collection of cheatsheets for several programming languages. It also includes a cheat sheet for practically all language modules and libraries. Not only does it provide programming cheatsheets, but it also contains gaming, home, software education, and many more amazing cheatsheets. Give this website a go!

3. Colors

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If you're looking for attractive color palettes for your web development project, this website has options for you. You may also search for colors, receive palettes, and look at some inspiration works.

4. Resume maker

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If you need a resume to apply for your dream job, this website will supply you with a free professional resume creator that allows you to select from a variety of resume and CV designs. Try this site now!

5. Canva

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Canva is one of my favorite websites for creating designs. In it, I usually design Pinterest cover graphics. As a developer, you'll find this useful; it has a plethora of features, as illustrated in the image example.

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Michael Krebs

I'd like to add two of mine:

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Nicholas Warwick

+1 for tinypng!

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Maame Afia Fordjour

love this.