Hacktoberfest Miscellaneous discussion (October 10th)

Ben Halpern on October 10, 2019

How's the open sourcery coming along?

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I won my T Shirt this year too !
I also will organize for the first time an open-source event in my city !

I'm so glad I can contribute a little bit more this year and introduce other to the open-source community ๐Ÿ˜„


Really good so far, I have another PR assignment to check out tomorrow - It'll be using Stencil + Typescript on a web app!

Seeing the insane amout of PRs being done all over the place excites me for the future of open source - I'm personally enjoying contributing to projects where the stacks are unknown to me (e.g. DEV - First time trying out Ruby on Rails, or VS Code extensions)

Keep on going everyone!


Five PRs completed. However one is marked ineligible. A second one, which was also marked ineligible, has disappeared. It looks like the owner did a rebase on the repository to 10 days ago, after my PR had been approved.

It's been tough finding projects to work on, as a beginner who primarily knows C and some Java.


It's going Awesome Ben.
In respect to your tip on contributions yesterday,My PR on gatsby got accepted today, and DEV Community is now part of the supporters on the community page : )


Working on my first contribution to Gatsby - formatting some stuff in the docs to better match their style guide. Hoping to have a PR in soon!


Already contributed on Dev.to 2 times. I'm so happy. :)


6 PRs at the moment but started quite late, couple days left before I officially get my t-shirt.


Hello, any recommendations to contribute in PR CSS for beginners?

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