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Introducing our June 2020 sponsors

ben profile image Ben Halpern ・2 min read

Both DigitalOcean and CloudBees have returned as Gold sponsors, thanks again to these long-standing partners and supporters of DEV. This month, we are very proud to offer up a Gold spot to Diversify Tech, an amazing organization that does exactly what you'd think they do. We'd like to extend thanks to each of these organizations for joining us this month.

Please take a few minutes to explore our Gold sponsors' offerings and consider how their resources might be of use to you.


DigitalOcean is a much-loved cloud computing platform. I'm always impressed by how well-built and well-documented the DigitalOcean core products are. It's easier said than done, and they've been able to stay ahead of the curve.

DigitalOcean has been our longest-running supporter to date, and we're extremely thankful for their consistent support. Their commitment to the developer ecosystem is crystal clear.

As an organization, it's awesome to see the evolution of their service and their remarkable ability to stay top of the game for years now.

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CloudBees Rollout

CloudBees Rollout is a powerful code release toolset that brings feature flags, analytics, and testing to the process. Reduce risk by decoupling feature deployment from code releases. CloudBees as a whole provides solutions for CI, CD, and application release orchestration (ARO). They are the largest contributor to Jenkins, the very popular open-source automation server. Cloudbees is truly a company that lives devOps and CI/CD to its core with its entire offering.

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Diversify Tech

Diversify Tech is an amazing organization that connects underrepresented people with scholarships, jobs, and other opportunities in tech. They have a collection of valuable resources that are helpful to underrepresented people from all backgrounds as well as allies.

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Silver Sponsors

We'd also like to extend thanks to Honeycomb who has partnered with DEV as an annual Silver Sponsor.

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Honeycomb allows teams to keep ahead of issues by providing devs observability into their code. This makes development predictable, fast, and scalable over time — i.e., without having to re-instrument or build new code.

Bronze Sponsors

For this month's Bronze Sponsor, we are delighted to have the support of CodeinWP.

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If your company is interested in supporting the DEV Community with a self-serve sponsorship, please check out this page or reach out to partners@dev.to.

These organizations are helping us build the best community we can. I urge you to check out their offerings if you are in the market for their services.

Happy coding ❤️

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