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Pairing with Community Member Seth Hall

On , DEV Community member Seth Hall joined Christina and I on the pairing stream to work on an issue related to image uploads in the editor.

Here is the issue that we were working on:

[Editor] Add loading spinner for image drag-and-drop upload #12443

Describe the bug

Today, when someone in the editor (/new) drags-and-drops an image to upload it, they have no indication that it is currently uploading because there is no spinning indicator. This UX bug sets incorrect expectations on how our product works.

To Reproduce

  1. Go to /new
  2. Drag an image file into body area to upload an image
  3. Wait for image to upload

This is how it incorrectly works here:

current image upload

Expected behavior


The easiest solution here would be to render the same "Loading..." indicator when people upload an image from the "Upload image" button.

Desktop (please complete the following information):

  • OS, version: Mac OS 11
  • Browser, version: Firefox

On this stream, we covered:

  • Debugging tools in the browser, which helped us figure out why the image upload spinner wasn't displaying
  • The inner workings of a Forem instance's article editor
  • Why the image upload spinner was not appearing when an image was pasted or dragged and dropped
![A magnifying glass](

Thanks again for coming on the stream, Seth!

You can also find the three of us all over the web here:




Looking forward to seeing you on future streams! If you're interested in pairing, fill out this form. We’d love to tackle an issue with you that the whole community could learn from!

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