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Holiday Gift Ideas for Devs

Hey everyone, it’s the holiday season again! Before you know it, festivities will be right around the corner. Have you thought about what you’ll be gifting your friends and loved ones this year? Holiday shopping can be quite hectic, so we’ve put together a few shopping guides to help out.

Sticker packs can be a little gift that mean a lot. Help your pals customize their laptops or show off their CS smarts with merch from some of our favorite independent vendors.

Anna Rankin makes super cute stickers featuring pets, programming, and pears. Her stickers have a lot of thought put into them. My personal favorites are the “Find Closure” and “Brace Yourself” stickers. Check out her shop, AnnarBananar on Etsy!

BubbleSort Zines are a monthly zine series explaining different concepts in computer science with stories, hand-drawn art, and diagrams. Besides zines, BubbleSort offers clothing, pins, and a sticker pack of the month club. A lot of readers have said that these zines helped them understand complex programming concepts easily.

SoSplush draws inspiration from VSCO and pop culture to create these awesome stickers. I really enjoy the puns, such as VSCode Girl and Full Snack Developer. You can check out the SoSplush shop on Etsy and follow Kelly Mahoney on Instagram for future updates.

Jewelbots is a company focused on bringing STEM products to kids. The goal of Jewelbots is to open kids’ minds to STEM through hands-on interactive play. The brand fuses fashion, technology, and friendship to provide a collaborative programming experience for young ones looking to get building. Right now, they’re offering free shipping on their JewelBits science kits.

The DEV Shop is also full of merch for members out there!

DEV is here to bridge the gap between beginner programmers and experienced senior developers. Some community members have written programming courses and career guides from their experience in the industry. In our next guide, we’ll share some of our favorites to help beginners get started and to help pros refine their skills.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to leave your suggestions below in the comments section.

Happy Holidays!

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almenon profile image

Video games (duh), productivity tools (ex: alfred) / extensions / apps, books, and donations to open-source software. And of course any other things that might relate to their hobbies.

Or you could just give them money. The perfect gift! :D

katnel20 profile image
Katie Nelson

I would go for that VSCode girl sticker or a DEV t-shirt (adult extra-small if anyone wasn’t sure what to buy me!)