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Sunsetting the Android App

About two months, I shared with you our new Forem app for Android.

As with our Forem iOS app, the Android app allows you easily find articles, podcasts, and discussion across any Forem community you are a member of. Since we launched the Forem Android app we have seen over 10,000 downloads and received a 4.8/5 rating.

That means today it is time to say goodbye to the old DEV Android app.

The Forem Android app works with all Forems in the Forem network and includes modern mobile features like mobile optimized content and push notifications. It’s available on the Android store right now and your existing DEV, or Forem Account, login will work with it. So jump on in and try out the new Android app. If you have the old DEV app on your phone, it’s time to hit that delete button. :sad:

Thank you for helping us complete this greatly improved Forem experience!

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Lucia Cerchie

Congrats on the new app!
Curious-- what are the technical tasks involved with sunsetting an app? Archiving a repo? Changing a setting in the app store account? I'm sure there's more involved?

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Jennie Ocken

The first step is unpublishing it from the Play Store so no new user will be able to search for it and install it. In that case it will remain on old users devices but will no longer be supported or get updates. That is the path we are taking.

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Vinay Hegde

Will there be an article that covers the technical details & reasoning for why the current app will be sunset in favor of the new one?

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Jon Randy πŸŽ–οΈ

I had no idea there was a DEV android app. Given that it works flawlessly as a PWA, I'm surprised there was one