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Top 5 DEV Comments from the Past Week

This is a weekly roundup of awesome DEV comments that you may have missed. You are welcome and encouraged to boost posts and comments yourself using the #bestofdev tag.

@rodiongork added their thoughts to the Work Culture Toxicity in Tech:

Since I started working in IT (many years ago) I have changed many companies.
I noticed that eventually the less I work the more I'm paid!

The matter is that IT jobs need certain degree of creativity - and it is not something well aligned with overworking. Doing bugs on weekends to fix them on workday nights is silly strategy. Managers who don't understand this - just ruin their projects and companies.

It is OK to work hard - but to work for your own professional grow. One may participate in commercial project by day - and write games by nights. Or watch online courses. We need to diversify our knowledge and skills - and working 24 hours a day on the same project won't help diversification!

@elmuerte shared a lighthearted image/metaphor in Achieving 100% code coverage will make you a better developer. Seriously.:

You've probably seen this image before, but this is what 100% code coverage can look like:

It even passes all tests.

This is what will happen when you make high code coverage a strict requirement for developers.

@pietrucha talks about the value of a well-structured course in Going down the youtube tech guru hole or how you can spot scam artists:

An important reflection on the topic of online courses. While buying online course, you are not buying just the knowledge (it's available online for free in scattered, distributed, fuzzy, ambiguous forms). When buying (a good) online course you are buying knowledge that is curated, systematized and delivered in an interesting, easily digestible way (a system).

@integerman shares their approach and mindset to continued growth in response to What's on Your Personal Development Plan?:

I'm entering the back half of my career and once I hit manager I realized that the skills I'd need for what's next were different than the skills that got me here.

I see two paths ahead for me: continue to grow as a business leader and work on my communications, management, and leadership skills or embrace some things inside me and become some flavor of teacher, helping other people learn and grow.

Both paths rely on written and verbal communication as well as an investment in people, and so I've been striving to write and speak more.

I'm going to continue to do this and get better at communicating technical matters in an accessible way.

@taufik_nurrohman offers an additional method in Add dark mode to your website with just a few lines of code:

Another idea: use single theme file and just toggle a global class name…

button.addEventListener('click', () => {
    localStorage.setItem('theme', document.body.classList.contains('dark') ? 'dark' : 'light');

if (localStorage.getItem('theme') === 'dark') {
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/* Light mode */
body {
  background: #fff;
  color: #000;

/* Dark mode */
body.dark {
  background: #000;
  color: #fff;
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See you next week for more great comments ✌

Top comments (4)

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Peter Kim Frank

Congrats to @rodiongork , @elmuerte , @pietrucha , @integerman , and @taufik_nurrohman for making the list this week!

helenanders26 profile image
Helen Anderson

Congrats @integerman !

integerman profile image
Matt Eland

Thank you! This is my first time winning this award for a comment that WASN'T a troll comment...

rodiongork profile image
Rodion Gorkovenko

Peter, thanks! Though I suspect it was for some "meta" post comment, rather something really important / technical :)