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Top 5 DEV Comments of the Past Week

This is a weekly roundup of awesome DEV comments that you may have missed. You are welcome and encouraged to boost posts and comments yourself using the #bestofdev tag.

It's the little tricks that make long coding days go by easier. This tip from @valeriavg is exactly the kind of support we're all about here at DEV!

While this method does work everywhere for TypeScript, it won't work for JavaScript without a bundler (especially NodeJS).
For NodeJS one could use NODE_PATH=./src node index.js to achieve similar results.

This post on consol.log() is a great read. And we've got another fantastic trick in the bag, thanks to @stephanie !

console.trace() is also nice for debugging, clue is in the name, it outputs the stack trace to console. :)

Sometimes we all feel like the world of programming is just too vast. It can be difficult to pull yourself out of a slump like this, @91sameer. But fellow developers like @nicozerpa coming through and offering support, guidance, and perspective can make those hard times just a little better ❤️

Hi! I have bad and good news (but the good news outweigh the bad news.)

On the one hand, you're right. There's lots and lots of things to learn. I've started learning my first language (JavaScript) when I was 13, as a hobby. Now, I'm 31 and I'm still learning about the language.

On the other hand, you don't need to know everything to be a good programmer. I became a professional dev at 18 years old. At that time, I knew far less about JavaScript and other languages than I know now, but that didn't prevent me from get jobs and build amazing things in my career.

Think of programming languages as tools. The more tools you have, the more things you can do. But you already can do many things with the tools you already have.

I feel it's fair to say that anyone who codes loves a good hidden feature in Git! Thanks for a great addition to the post, @lucassperez !

Git stash can sometimes be very useful, specially because we can't switch branches with modified files around.
Another way is to simply type git stash, it will put everything in the stash with a WIP message automatically. Then you can do git stash pop to pop the last added entry to the stash (:

This is the ultimate weekly win in my book, @jessekphillips. 😁

I took two days of vacation.

See you next week for more great comments ✌

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Keep contributing awesome thoughts like these to DEV, @valeriavg , @stephanie , @nicozerpa , @lucassperez , & @jessekphillips !