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What are your top three everyday pain points as a developer?

This is the third post of the Mayfield + DEV Discussion series. Please feel free to go back and answer previous questions as well.

Be as detailed as you like when answering this question.

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Bas Steins
  1. Missing Documentation
  2. Meetings that should have been an emai
  3. misused JIRA

Plus, depending on the client:

  1. restricted environments (proxies, VPNs, ...) that just standing in the way rather than provide extra security
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Ben Halpern

I'm curious about specifics regarding misued JIRA.

bascodes profile image
Bas Steins

Well, I've seen any sorts of this in the wild:

  • Tickets are not really tickets, but a trash can for ideas
  • Overcomplicated workflow configuration
  • Tickets referencing documents elsewhere ("I've posted that in slack" - "sure you did, but when and where?")
  • misconfigured integrations with deployment pipelines
  • ...
keik_remoteit profile image
Kei Koyama

I'm curious about the restricted environments. What specific issues have you run into? Are they all client-side?

lucassperez profile image
Lucas Perez

Back, head and wrist.

williamwild009 profile image

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Edmund Gomes

Bio Freeze... Spray it on pain is gone!! Its magic(I should trade mark that lol)... This is obviously a quick fix and doesn't cure the root issue... sitting in the same position for hours on end.. you have to move and stretch

miguelmj profile image
  1. Undocumented code
  2. Unclear priorities
  3. Dealing with non technical problems like burocracy or users that don't read the manual
devfranpr profile image
  1. Working on projects with deprecated software/technologies.
  2. Not having enough things automated.
  3. Being forced to use Windows as work OS.
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Jonathan Apodaca
  1. Not prioritizing developer experience
  2. Premature optimization
  3. Code that is not strongly typed
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Bobo Brussels
  1. Flakey tests
  2. Dependencies
  3. Meetings
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Andrew Baisden
  1. Too many meetings (distractions)
  2. Unclear briefs that lack details
  3. Short deadlines that leads to poor code quality and lack of test coverage
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Arika O

Back pain x 3 😂

a_chris profile image
Christian • Edited
  1. Daily standups
  2. Jira, even if well used
  3. Clients who do not understand the real priorities, this can really kill projects
urielbitton profile image
Uriel Bitton • Edited

Receiving unclean or inefficient code from developers. #1 most annoying thing to deal with.

supportic profile image
Supportic • Edited

pushing commits just to revert them later
facing merges instead of rebases

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