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What is your top priority as a developer in 2022?

This is the first post in a series of big questions devised between DEV and Mayfield.

Please feel welcome to take part in a new thread every day starting with this one. After a 10 discussions we will be rounding up some of the discussions and publishing key takeaways.

Happy coding!

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Diona Rodrigues

After a bad experience working for a company and having my skills questioned (which made me really sad along with the lockdown) I'm working on myself to have confidence in myself again so I'm trying to read more articles not just about code but about life balance and other issues that often pop into our minds. Continuing to learn JavaScript more deeply and maybe AI is in my plans this year.

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Ben Halpern

That seems like a worthy pursuit, and absolute best of luck accomplishing this!

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Diona Rodrigues


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Locky Keaney

I've recently moved roles and would probably be considered senior now. I want to expand my skill set so I'm not just a code generator, but good with documentation, planning and collaborating, mentoring, etc. I'd like to get to a tech lead kind of role. I'm now a Platform Engineer working on the front end (customer optimisations, developer experience) so I've got a good role to allow for that.

I'll start learning .NET as well as that's what our back end services are in and I'd like to do some full stack stuff.

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Sarah Dye

Finding a developer job is still high on my priority list, but I've also got other priorities such as learning new JS frameworks, doing more algorithms to become better at problem solving, building more projects with Node and React, and working on various side projects. Right now my big focus is getting my YouTube channel launched.

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Ben Halpern

I'm reading a lot about Functional Programming.

I see you mostly write about JavaScript, have you been learning about other functional programming languages or mostly sticking with JS?

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Lou Willoughby

Mine is mostly focus on my training, since knowing the direction I want to take my development career I’ve been working on setting some goals. I’ve been working on setting out my plan based on what I know and where I need to improve and going from there πŸ™‚
My boss and I have also set out some goals alongside these to work on my next promotion out of my Junior role πŸ™‚ so all very exciting stuff! πŸ‘πŸ»

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Subhasree • Edited

For me,

  1. First priority for 2022 will be contributing to 2-3 OpenSource projects, related to web development and python libraries.
  2. I have also started writing about DSA quick starts, so looking to cover all topics by the end of this year.
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Ben Halpern

Good luck! I've followed you and look forward to reading along as you learn :)

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Jakob Christensen

This book helped me a lot when I started out on FP. I did not read it all but it did wonders for me when I tried to understand why FP works as it does for example with composition.

GitHub logo hmemcpy / milewski-ctfp-pdf

Bartosz Milewski's 'Category Theory for Programmers' unofficial PDF and LaTeX source

Category Theory for Programmers

image Direct link: category-theory-for-programmers.pdf
(Latest release: v1.3.0, August 2019. See releases for additional formats and languages.)

Build Status
(latest CI build)

Buy Category Theory for Programmers
Available in full-color hardcover print
Publish date: 12 August, 2019. Based off release tag v1.3.0. See errata-1.3.0 for changes and fixes since print.

Scala Edition is now available in paperback
Publish date: 12 August, 2019. Based off release tag v1.3.0. See errata-scala for changes and fixes since print.

This is an unofficial PDF version of "Category Theory for Programmers" by Bartosz Milewski, converted from his blogpost series (with permission!)


The best way to build the book is using the Nix package manager. After installing Nix, if you're using a non-NixOS operating system, you need to install nixFlakes in your environment following the steps below (source):

$ nix-env -iA nixpkgs.nixFlakes
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Edit either ~/.config/nix/nix.conf or /etc/nix/nix.conf and add:

experimental-features = nix-command flakes

This is…

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Josh Darling

I intend to finally complete my web dev course, and get better at JS. I hope by the end of this year, I'll be fully transitioned into a fullstack dev, with real skills that are in demand.......

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Matthew Daly

Likewise. I do a fair amount of work in React, so I get exposed to that somewhat already, but I'd like to expand that out further. Most of my server-side work is in PHP nowadays, and obviously that's not often associated with functional programming, but we do have a LinkedIn Learning account at work I have access to and that has a course on FP in PHP that might be worth a look.

vaarun_sinha profile image
Vaarun Sinha

🀐🀫 Don't reveal our plans

timerunner2359 profile image
Ehsan Ghorbani

I completely lost my self as a programmer and have no Idea where to go , maybe I try to get my frontend skills back somehow, or maybe I go back to Back-End, maybe I go and learn DevOps or ... Have no real plan :'(

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JoelBonetR πŸ₯‡ • Edited

I'd been taking side projects for too long that I really want and need to build something just because I like it or I trust the project. By my own, just for fun or whatever.

And read those 3 pending books in my bookshelf that are staring at me each second πŸ˜…

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Andrew Baisden

I have a few priorities.

  • Be fluent in 3 technical stacks (JavaScript, Python, C#)
  • To have a good flexible work life balance
  • A good stable job and salary
  • Multiple passive income streams
  • Huge savings
  • Big audience across social media
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Jeremy Friesen

My top priority as a developer for 2022 is to first transition from a player coach (e.g. IC and manager) into an IC; anyone want to be my manager? We're hiring a Senior Product Engineering Manager.

Then from there working with my manager to determine if I want to go up for a promotion (from Lead to Principal) or not. During this time, I'm looking at how I can better mentor, pair, and share knowledge.

erikwhiting88 profile image

as a developer, my top priority this year is getting other people excited about programming, especially high schoolers and undergrads. the road to the future will be paved by software engineers, I want to empower as many of them as I can.