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Resources for learning React

React is by far the most popular Javascript framework and being used by many big companies like Netflix, Facebook, Twitter & Reddit. With it's rise in popularity came the a plethora of resources and if you are anything like me you want to learn from the best resource possible. This led me down a path of tutorial hell where I was starting and stopping a multitude of courses and wasting a lot of my time and money.

This is the list I wish I had before starting my learning journey over 2 years ago. The best way to utilise this list would be to start with a course you like and sticking with it till the end. When you learn a new concept check the supporting documentation. Don't get intimidated if you don't understand everything, it's more to get you in the habit of reading documentation. After you have completed a course start building a project. Only when you can apply the stuff you have learnt can you say you know React.

There are both paid and free courses on this list and none of them are sponsored. I have tried or finished most of them and can vouch for their quality.


You need to be comfortable with the basics of JavaScript and it's ES6 syntax as well as basic HTML. While many courses mentioned below don't need you to know JS, you won't build foundational knowledge without knowing how JavaScript works.

Free Courses

  1. FreeCodeCamp : Great resource to learn the syntax and basics of react & redux. Also a fantastic place to learn html and javascript. It also has a great community you can leverage to learn alongside with.

  2. Youtube course - The Net Ninja : The net ninja is a great tutor to help you understand react. It covers the basics of React, Redux & React router. The series is a bit old but all the knowledge still applies today.

  3. FullStackOpen : This is a web development course by the University of Helsinki, Finland. This covers content for both frontend and backend. You will learn React, Redux, Node js, Express, Mongo DB, Typescript & Graphql. Absolute gold standard if you want to learn full stack development from scratch.

Paid Courses

  1. Udemy course - Andrew Mead : Great teacher who goes in depth of various topics. Will teach you react, redux, react router, firebase, testing & hooks. The series is a bit old but a update is in works which should be out in a couple of months. The update will be free if you have already bought the course.

  2. LevelUpTutorials : Great site if you need quick tutorials on react. Each series has about 25 videos 10-15 mins each and is a great resource if you want to know the basics and start quickly building on your own.

Main Documentation

Official React Documentation

Create React App : If you build a new react app, make it using Create React App it handles a lot of complexity for you.

I hope this sets you on your journey of learning. If you need help with learning React you can join Goodhub it has a slack channel where people learn new languages, build projects and motivate each other. You can also DM me on twitter.

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aliafarin • Edited

Modern React with Redux Udemy course is probably the best tutorial out there.
Stephen Grider teaches most of the concepts using diagrams which are really useful.
And also this is not just a tutorial to learn basic react and not knowing what's really happening and why.Instead this is kind of a deep dive into react and redux.
I am not saying this is an Advanced tutorial because it is not. It is for beginners but it gives you a pretty good understanding about main concepts.

devtghosh profile image
Devjyoti Ghosh

I like Stephen Girder have a few of his courses but just couldn't get into his react course for some reason. No idea if he has updated the course though since I started learning. His DSA course is pretty neat if you want the practice problems. Love that he usually gives 2 solutions to the problems.

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Abhay Goswami

A complete and most updated list of React and much it's ecosystem. React resources🚀
Thanks in advanced 👍

dhatguy profile image
Joseph Odunsi

You should try too

devtghosh profile image
Devjyoti Ghosh

Looks cool, will check out some of their other courses.