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Dave Foderick
Dave Foderick

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GFTW Hackathon submission: Money Chat

What I built

Money Chat. A monetized chat application.

Submission Category:

An Experiment. Users can earn money when chatting. Or they can chat to group and just pay to the platform.


Link to Code

GitHub logo dfoderick / money-chat

Web Monetization chat app


Web Monetization with a Chat application.

Click here for live Demo

How to use it

You should already have a Coil Account with the Coil browser extention installed.

Log into app with any name. Payment pointer is optional but recommended if you want to earn money.

If there are no other users online then you can open the chat in a separate browser to simulate multiple users.

⚠️ All messages are sent to all users of the app. Only use the app for testing and demostration purposes.

When you connect to chat with another user then you are sending payments to them. When some else connects to you then they are sending you payments.

Other Projects

This project uses


  1. Show Offer/Answer popups

How I built it

It is a react web app. Messages are exchanged through a back end server. User logs in with a name and (optional) payment pointer.

There are 2 operating modes:

  1. Group Chat
    By default when chatting to everyone logged in, you are paying the platform and your payment pointer is not used.

  2. Peer chat
    When someone else connects to you then they pay you using your payment pointer. When you connect to someone else then you pay them. UI shows where payments are going (i.e. platform, user A, user B, etc).

Things I learned

Basic monetization to platform with group chat can be enabled. Peer chat is somewhat of a different animal and additional considerations have to be taken into account.

Additional Resources/Info


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Nice one

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Guido Vizoso

Awesome project Dave! Hope the library was helpful