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Dominik Gorczyca
Dominik Gorczyca

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Module 5 - Responsive Design

So, another module of the Scrimba tutorial done and I learned a lot of things like:

  • CSS Units
  • Flexbox
    • display: flex
    • flex-direction
    • justify-content
    • align-items
    • flex-wrap
    • order
  • Media Queries
  • Background Image
  • Basic Transitions

I also did a ton of challenges and I also decided to make one last challenge for myself and because I am fond of tutorials I made flexbox playground so you can try out multiple properties. In order to learn even more I will try to include properties I don't know about so ENJOY!

It took me a lot longer to do than I thought and I really understood that I'm only a beginner and I should use libraries which will ultimately help me make websites a lot faster. There were many things I didn't managed to do and those which I did are still far from perfect. I will take a short break and return to action!

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Pơ Híp

thank u so much ! have a good day

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Dominik Gorczyca

Glad it helped haha

fjsebastiam profile image

It's very helpfull!

Thanks a lot!

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Dominik Gorczyca

My pleasure :)