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Simplified: Authentication & Authorization

Are Both Same? Are you also confused between Authentication & Authorization? Don't Worry! In this blog, it's simplified!

Imagine 2 Scenarios ✨

Try to relate these scenarios with Authentication & Authorization.

Scenario 1

Suppose you're a student of XYZ University & studying any course. At the entrance of the University Campus, students are required to verify the identity that they are the students of this university. So, here what you will do as a Student in this scenario? Yes, Definitely! You will show your ID Card received from University.

Authentication is also the same as this. Authentication confirms that users are who they say they are.

Scenario 2

Suppose you're organizing an Event & you have a team of 10 people. In this event, you have to manage all sections like Registration, Technical, Food, etc. So, What you will do? Yes, that's right! You will distribute these sections in your team & give ACCESS to the respective team members.

Authorization is also the same as this. Authorization gives users permission to access specific resources.

Which Comes First?

The authentication process comes before Authorization. In the authentication process User's identity is verified & then Authorization is provided with access to the System.

Authentication -> Social Media Platform Login
Authorization -> Access to Social Media Platform as User

To Sum It All...

A system can not permit Authorization without Authentication because it is important to verify Person's Identity & provide specific Authorized Permissions with respect to Authorization Level.
Hope you enjoyed this blog. Thank You!

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