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Npm libraries you need to know for your Node JS App

NPM Libraries you need to know for Node Js

📌 Bull

The fastest & most reliable redis based queue for node

📌 Bull Board

This is built in top of bull which helps to visualise the queue & their jobs

📌 Lodash

One of the best utility library for javascript

📌 Jest

Complete and ready to set-up JavaScript testing solution. A great one if you are following Test driven development

📌 Express winston

express-winston provides middlewares for request and error logging of your express app and also provides variety of options as well

📌 User Agent

Helps to determine the device information

📌 Ip address

Helps to deal with Ipv4 & Ipv6 addresses in Javascript

📌 Uuid

Helps in generation of unique identifier to be added in your application

📌 Joi

Most famous & powerful data validation & schema description language in Javascript

📌 Winston daily rotate file

It is a transport of winston that logs information to a rotating file. Logs can be removed after some days and also rotation of log files can be based on date, size & limit

If you know anymore famous npm libraries feel free to add below 👇

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