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Setup for AWS centralised logging

Dharshan Bharathuru
・1 min read

What will be a better setup for centralised logging(application logs) for multiple instances(rails apps) running behind an AWS application load balancer?

- ELK (manual setup)
- AWS ElasticSearch
- APN (AWS Partner Networks) like datadog, spluk

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Samuel Abreu

Why not cloudwatch?

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Dharshan Bharathuru Author

I'm using cloudwatch for different system/app metric alarms now. Didn't know it can also be used for centralised logging. Any useful link/writeup you like to share?

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Samuel Abreu

Never used but i think it's easy to integrate with third party logging services, for example (

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I would go with the official documentation

You basically watch file and send them into streams

As good as it is for central logging, I still find the UI and search functionalities really poor compared to the other solutions you mentioned

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Full disclosure, I work for Elastic (we make Elasticsearch).

You could also try Elasticsearch Service with the Elastic Stack 6.6 (Logs UI, Hot/Warm + index curation + APM server).

Here's a link our users find helpful: