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Can a twitter bot get 1,000 followers in 100 days? A challenge to myself and this community

Yesterday, I made a twitter bot that takes screenshots of tweets if you mention it @poet_this. Surprisingly, it started gaining followers - well, just 10 followers, but still!

So here's the challenge:
Can a twitter bot get 1000 followers in 100 days? It's just 10 followers a day, and I believe it's possible.

Let's see if:

  • People are interested in following a twitter account that shows nothing but tweets other found interesting, funny or just screenshot-able
  • How strong this community is

Here's the twitter account:

Today is day 2, and day 1 was pretty strong with 13 followers.

Share this, tweet with #PoetThisBot, do whatever you can to help!

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Andrew Baisden

I have seen it done before good luck!

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Anuoluwapo Balogun