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How to Supercharge your terminal with starship🚀

How I customized my terminal to look really good using Starship, Powershell and Nerd Fonts

Yesterday, while chatting in our discord server The Coding Horizon, my friend, nexxel told me about a really cool cross-platform prompt called Starship

I’ve always been trying to get a new, better looking terminal and this one is literally perfect!

Yes, I’m learning Rust!

Yes, I’m learning Rust!

Setting it up was also super simple and took less than 5 minutes

I installed Starship using Cargo, the Rust package manager, using this command

cargo install starship --locked

Now that Starship is installed, all I had to do is set up my powershell to use it by default.

  • Get the config file path using $PROFILE
  • Add a code snippet

Since I’m doing all this in powershell, everything is relatively easy. Starship is cross-platform and will work on pretty much any shell you can think of

Get the config file path using $PROFILE


Open the file in text editor of you choice (I used the command code C:\\ ... )

For powershell, I had to paste this according to the docs

Invoke-Expression (&starship init powershell)

and then after restarting the terminal, Voila! Starship was installed, but not Nerd fonts.

It looked weird with some characters not in the font


I went ahead to download and install the Jetbrains Mono NF


And then install it by opening the Zip and the .tff or .otf file and clicking on install


Note the Font name:, we’ll need it later

Now all that’s needed to do is to tell your VScode to use the jetbrains mono font

I did this by going to the editor settings and adding this snippet
"terminal.integrated.fontFamily": "JetBrainsMono NF",


Andddd that’s it!!! I had this BEAUTIFUL Terminal by the end!


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