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Rising Bounce Rate: What makes visitors leave your website so soon?

If you’ve noticed that people leave your website very soon, it is indeed a matter of concern! A high bounce rate is never good news as only means that your website is not good enough to retain user’s interest!

So, what should you do about it?

Let’s hear it from the experts at Digital Pieces, a thriving web design company in Melbourne.

Why visitors leave your website?

A website is created to attract more and more users and increase the count of leads for a business. Since grabbing the interest of the right audience and retaining them is a difficult task, it’s very important to design your website in a way that it doesn’t end up frustrating the users.

We have enlisted some major reasons why users leave a website. Let’s have a look at them:

• Slow Website

In the fast-paced life, a user’s time is quite important. When a visitor appears on a slow-loading website, they don’t wait for the site to load. Rather, they just hop onto another website with the same information as yours! The reason why they choose that website is that it loads much faster.

According to a source, 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Every second counts with your website’s loading speed. The longer it takes for it to load, the more visitors you’ll lose, even before they get a chance to browse through your content. So, it’s important to find the essential help for website development to fix your slow website and make it fast enough to retain visitors.

• Irrelevant Content

It’s better if you post relevant content on your website. If you’ve published a comprehensive and relevant content piece, it will generate interest and most readers will stick to it.

People get easily distracted online. If your content can’t grab their attention, then your website will see a high bounce rate whether you like it or not!

• No Compelling Call To Action

You will never achieve your business objectives without a Call To Action (CTA). A well-designed website with many pages but no CTA means no conversion of leads. You might have an interactive website but if visitors cannot find a CTA, they will just leave the website without taking the action you wanted.

So, if you’re noticing a big drop-off on your website, it might be because of these reasons! Take a closer look at your website with a competent Melbourne web Design Company.

Digital Pieces is a passionate firm, delivering services for website development in Melbourne. If you want an influential online presence through a feature-rich website, contact us today!

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marcellahaller profile image

As well as the lack of a search bar or its complication, broken links and the design of the site as a whole.
The article explains the reasons for the increase in bounce rates on sites, and also identifies aspects that should be addressed to reduce bounce.

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7th Avenue Partners Inc.

Great Information Thank you
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