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Mugoya Dihfahsih
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Is this a developer Syndrome?

I can spend hours trying to fix a bug, but after finding a solution I regret the time I spent looking for the root cause of the error. I start sobbing 'maybe am not good at coding, do good programmers take all that long to fix such a simple bug'

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Ali Raslan • Edited

There's something important to understand here: those hours fixing a bug are part of the programming process, rather than being somehow "parallel" to other programming you could have been doing. A "good" programmer is one who can face errors and actually fix them, as you did. Debugging is part of the development process and there's nothing to be ashamed of when it takes a little longer than expected.

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Mugoya Dihfahsih

Wow thanks @ali , at least that is a point to ponder about next time I face this syndrome.

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