What are your favorites open-source alternatives?

Erwan ROUSSEL on November 06, 2019

I am actually searching for open-source alternatives for the proprietary services that I often use. After brainstorming that's my non-exhaustive li... [Read Full]
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Nice list! About two years ago I swapped out LastPass for BitWarden and highly recommend it.


I've been using BitWarden for 2 years since then and it is amazing.


Keepass for offline use is amazing aswell.


I didn't know this one and I need a password manager right now, thanks for the recommendation ^


I would also suggest buttercup.pw/ Seems like is a new player in the field, but showcase as a very solid solution!

Feels like the 1Password of Open Source password managers!


Medium ➑️

I hope eventually we can say Facebook too


Isn't that kind of Diaspora*?


We could add:

Photoshop -> Krita and
Illustrator -> Inkscape

I agree that not everything is the same between Photoshop and Krita, but as SVG goes, Inkscape is as good as Illustrator IMO.


Nice for designers, I'll add it πŸ™ƒ


We should definitely add Photoshop > Gimp


I don't think gimp is a better replacement for photoshop. Sure it's a great piece of software but for someone that is used to photoshop krita is more alike. I think Gimp is more a replacement for paint.net.


The Free Software Foundation has a huge directory of software that complies with their definition of free. This collection in particular might be useful! It was made in response to the report on the US's PRISM program. There you will find alternative software for eedia publishing, remote storage, instant messaging, and more.

Do check out their other collections based on use or compatibility with certain file formats!


Thanks that's exactly what I was searching for :)


Let's add it to the list ;)


This kinda support will make open source community great again!

Story behind Postwoman


Webstorm ➑️ IntelliJ Platform

you are of course correct that Webstorm itself is neither open-source nor free.
But if you like this family of IDEs, it worth nothing built on top of the IntelliJ Platofrm which is fully open-source.

On top of the same platform, you can get the IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition for free. It is enough for lots of things, for example to do Kotlin.

Kotlin itself is also an open-source project from JetBrains.

JetBrains also gives away licenses for IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate edition for open-source maintainers



They also give it away for free to students


I didn't know that, thank you thats a good thing to know !


I've been using and adding patches to Godot for some time, I like to read the code if I'm ever confused about something, which I can't do with Unity.


Unity ➑️ Godot βœ…


I like to think of the proprietary options as alternatives :P

Also, there's software that exists which is both proprietary and open source, so I think that distinction is a little confusing here (e.g. getkirby.com/license)


A friendly alternative to many credentials manager: KeePassXC :)


Database design dbdesigner.id to create Entity Relationship Diagram 😎😎😎.This can help you to collaborate with your team on web and cut off your step in generate SQL Create database.


Looks great, I prefer dia, but is more general and DB diagrams are very basic.


Grenat tool, thanks πŸ‘Œ


You must try this tools. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


for any for saml/oauth2/openid-provider authentification solution, i switched to ==> fusionauth


New discovery for me πŸ‘Œ thank you


I've recently been experimenting with Joplin as an alternative to Evernote.


I didn't know Joplin, seems to be a good alternative !


The pluses are:

  • Notes stored in markdown.
  • Supports syncing via Nextcloud, Dropbox, etc. (via API, no need install a client)
  • It's an electron app, so very cross platform (including iOS and Android)

Downsides I've found (so far) are:

  • No web client
  • Creating a to-do list, in markdown, on a phone, is "tedious".

Now, I have to test this ! Thanks for the feedback about it πŸ‘Œ

  • Team Chat Platforms (Discord, Slack) -> Riot.im (Matrix), Rocket.chat, keybase

  • File sharing -> Firefox Send

  • File Sync -> Syncthing (already mentioned in here), SparkleShare, git-annex

  • Password Manager -> Lesspass

  • Note taking -> Standard Notes, Joplin, Paperwork

  • Collaborative editing (Google Doc) -> Etherpad

  • Medium -> Ghost

  • Forum software -> Discourse

  • Project management -> taiga.io


Unity ➑️ Blender βœ…


I totally agree it's a great self-hosted git server.


Alternatively to Nextcloud for Dropbox: Syncthing.

Slightly different design goals, but still covers one of the common use cases for Dropbox.


Looks good πŸ™ƒ
I'll add it to the list


I didn't know Syncthing. Thanks you made me discover it πŸ™


Always glad to spread the word about good FOSS options πŸ˜„


Dropbox ➑️ Owncloud


Thank you! I didn't know many of them. I'll add Bitwarden to the list too, and recently I started to use protonmail instead of gmail


You're welcome ;)
Protonmail is a good option


Any good OSS reCaptcha alternatives?


That would be interessant


Alexa/Google Home ➑️ Mycroft AI


Here are some of mine:-

  1. Disqus -> Commento
  2. Jetbrains Datagrip -> DBeaver
  3. terminal.app on Mac -> iTerm2
  4. Time Machine -> Syncthing

Thanks, for making me discover these alternatives :)


Hubspot ➑️


Let's add it to the list ;)


blender is not a game engine now. :)


That's why it is a bonus ^ ^


My favorite open source alternative is Newpipe to replace the regular youtube android app


I think that Taiga is a good alternative for Trello and maybe also for Jira.


+1 for this article. Thanks for sharing.

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