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Free resource from Harvard Stanford and Yale to target your resume at American companies

I'd spent over two year sending out applications and not getting any response from American remote-first companies before I had landed my first remote job back in 2016. I figured out a working version of my resume intuitively.

I wanna help you reduce the time you spend on tailoring your resume by sharing these free resources from Harvard, Yale and Stanford that have some meaningful advice that helped me cut down the jobs search time to two months.

In these guides you will find general guidance, formatting, and common mistakes. There are also sample resume templates that you can use and some action verbs to help you improve the wording. This is my curated list tha I use for myself and I'm gonna update it as I come across more resources.

Resume and cover letter examples and tips by top American universities:

Resumes by Yale
Resume and Cover Letter Examples by Stanford
Resume and Cover Letter Guide by Harvard
Transitional Resume by Washington University

Action Verbs to help you reword and unpack your experience

Action Verbs by Stanford
Action Verbs by Yale
Action Verbs by Washington University

Resume tells your story and these guides can be used to tailor your story to any kind of position or company be it technical or non-technical one, one at startup or a large corporation. The format is universally accepted including positions at remote-first companies.

Let me know if this is helpful and if you know any other resources I should include in the list! Good luck!

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