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Display codewars stats at your github profile πŸš€

Hello πŸ‘‹ I just wantet to share a update on the codewars_readme_stats repo which lets you display a codewars stats card at a github readme.

It is now possible to add a boarder around the card in the color of your choice. Just add the param stroke={color of your choice} to the GET request along with the existing params. Here a quick example: (find the full instructions here)

Replace USERNAME in the string below by your codewars username and the COLOR with a color of your choice, then copy-paste it in your github profile readme

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For the COLOR u can use either:

  • colorstring eg. blue,
  • RGB eg. rgb(0,0,0)
  • HEX %23BB432C => If u use HEX make sure to pass in the # as %23 because of the url encoding

Full working example with my account:

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Cheers 🍻

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Thanks for your wonderful work !