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How I Got 10k stars on my Github Repository?

When I was in University, I missed a lot of opportunities like hackathons, conferences, internships and many global events due to lack of awareness. Being a freshman, I was not aware of what kind of opportunities were available for students. Of course, We get to know about this thing with time and active involvement in the community.

I didn't want other students/juniors to suffer the same problem. Hence, I created a hand-curated list of all the resources for students/developers.

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  • The list has got more than 1M+ views/impressions on Github and other publications.
  • Almost 10k ⭐
  • 3k forks
  • 590+ Contributors from across the world.

How I got such massive traffic ?

Well, It's was never about getting stars ⭐ on repo but more for the value it would provide.

I published the list on GitHub, and people from all across the world helped me make this resource list better and better. For the next 2-3 months, I reviewed every single Pull Request on the repository and closed more than 800 Pull requests.

Community is Key

Students/professionals/Developers from all across the world contributed and made the resources list richer. We have listed most of the contributed Name with their name, social links, and country name.


So, let me tell you a brief what all we have added in the list known as A-to-Z-Resources-for-Students.

The list contains a brief and important resource in the following categories :

  • Coding Resource

  • Hackathons and Events

  • Student Benefits and Programs

    • Campus Ambassador Programs
    • Student Benefits and Packs
    • Student Fellowship Programs
    • Scholarships
  • Open Source Programs

  • Startup Programs and Incubators

  • Internship Portal

  • Developer Club and Meetups

  • Conferences

  • Bootcamps

  • Top People to follow(In Different Category).

Yes, the list was huge and I literally took more than a week to search and compile the whole list.


  1. Create and Build thing which you think can be helpful for others. Finding your own problem and solving is the key. There may be someone who is facing the same problem

  2. Focus on creating valuable Content, Traffic and Audience will be the byproduct.

Finally, You can check out the repository below.

GitHub logo dipakkr / A-to-Z-Resources-for-Students

✅ Curated list of resources for college students

I am glad you are still here. I hope you liked the post. Please don't forget to give your feedback in the comments. Getting feedback helps me improve.

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Williams Oluwafemi

I was expecting some GitHub hacks, but I guess this is fine too 😁

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Deepak Kumar

Haha !! Thanks Williams!