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How To Become More Productive and Consistent: Life Log #1

It’s Sunday, 15th Dec’19. You must be thinking about what special about this day.

From the last couple of weeks, I have started to review my progress in work and personal life every Sunday. And, that's why it’s special for me because I get to know where I am lacking and how can I improve myself.

A couple of weeks back, I joined FluxAuto, a company that works on Autonomous Vehicles, as a Full-Time Software Development Engineer in Bangalore, India.

Last week at the new office was exciting, however, I still feel that I was not much productive.

There are sets of questions, I ask myself every Sunday.

  • What did you learn?

  • What did you do?

  • What are you most proud of?

  • How can you improve?

The answer was negative for most of these questions. So, I know it’s time to change something.

It’s not that I didn’t learn anything new this week or I wasted my time watching NetFlix.

But, I feel I didn’t document anything. Whatever I had learned, I could have shared a simple blog or a youtube video or a Github repo.

I feel you can only track your progress when you have something to show. Do you things its possible to track progress in mind, without creating new things?

Next week's goal would be to share what I learn, be more productive in the office hours and consistent in what I do.

That’s all for this week.

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James Schleigher

Thank you for sharing! I also started reflecting on what I have done in the past week and what I will do the following week. This helps me stay productive and saves time daily because I don't need to spend a lot of time thinking about what I should do. Using task management software like Wrike or Quire can help me track my progress and get a bird's eye view of my plan. Also, I like to reflect by writing a journal on Notion.