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How a developer should handle Code reviewer?

Hi all, For those who don't me I'm Divakar, Passionate developer with 5 years of experience in web and mobile development. I learned software development the hard way, following lots of confusing tutorials, failing to understand core concepts and finally having no idea how things work. So I wanted to help the community to
understand it in a better way without any hassle.

I would suggest you to read my previous post before getting into this topic . check here for my previous post

Having said that now you get to know the mindset of a Code Reviewer , so as a developer/ author of the code let's see what are various responsibilities for us in order to deliver a product successfully.

Handling Code Reviewers:

  • Don't take it personal:

We have a clear idea of how a mindset of a code reviewer is , the goal of him is to maintain our code base quality. So when he/she provides a review comment of your code, think of it as their attempt to help you, the codebase, and Company, rather than as a personal attack on you or your abilities.

1) Don't respond in anger to review comments.
2) If a reviewer's comment is not in a professional or polite or constructive way then talk to him in person or send a private mail to have a discussion about it.

  • Fix:

If a reviewer doesn't understand a particular piece of code it is obvious that other developers who is gonna work in this code base maybe in future will get to feel the same way. so rather than adding comments in the tool do fix the code. Try to find a simpler way to achieve the functionality.

  • Think:

No matter how certain you are if a reviewer made a suggestion on your code base take a step back. Think about “Is the reviewer correct?”

If you can’t answer that question, it’s likely the reviewer needs to clarify their comments.

If you have considered it and think that you are right then respond with an explanation that why your way of approaching the solution would be better.

Thanks ! Leave a comment :

Thanks all for reading through this topic. Please leave a comment about your way of handling a code reviewer.

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