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Ah buddy. I'm so sorry to hear this happened to you. First thing you need to remember is: he was always going to do this. The excuse is for him not you. It's a platitude to make it easier on him. Potentially worse it's to make you feel insecure, and he can keep some sort of control over you.

I'd bet of he found you actively looking for work, he'd point out your 'lack of qualifications and or ability', and tell you you're better off there, and to watch your step or you'll end up with nothing.

The thing you need to do is -
Get another job. Doesn't matter where.

It's all bullshit. Don't put up with this crap.


It is the deal. You earn because you do work. You do some task or work then the company pays for it, so neither the company nor you are doing a favor, its business. Question: are you working less because you don't have a degree?. Are you working less right not than before? Because it is highly unethical to cut an agreement unilaterally.

IMHO: you won't last much in this business.


I won't "last long" because I won't the pay he stole from me and for cutting my pay with a bogus reason attached??


You won't last because it's a matter of time until you find that you are getting the short straw.

I really thought you meant you didn't believe they were going to be a good developer because they didn't just accept it and roll over!


This isn't helpful.

They won't last long at that company (hopefully because they're looking for better opportunities) but there's plenty of room for a work/life balance in this "business".


Salaries are very different on where you live, so its no help comparing your salary to mine or anyone else here in dev.to

Regarding your pay decrease; that feels like a very scummy thing to do by your boss. He already hired you so you're clearly qualified to do your job and you both agreed on a salary. As long as he is happy with the job you're doing, there shouldn't be a reason to lower your salary.

In my opinion, salary should be majorly based on responsibility. Not education level per see. You could require higher education levels for different functions though. But in your case, you're already hired.


Basecamp is 100% remote and pays in the top 10% of silicon valley salaries - they recommend businesses pay top dollar regardless of where their employees live.
Maybe checkout weworkremotely.com, and I highly recommend their books"Remote", "Rework", and "It doesn't have to be crazy at work"


My first dev job paid me 14.50 when I finally got another job. He hired my friend to write blogs at a higher rate because of his degree.

Now I make more than him ( the owner ) and often freelance for him at 90/hr.

Keep your head down. Learn what you can and plan your escape. It worked for me.

At least you’ll have a job on your resume And you don’t have to tell the next company you were making so little.


I'm slightly above that. Went from 11-9. This sucks! We do so much but get so little...😞


Oh that sucks. There are a lot of better paying jobs out there bro. You are better than what you think you are.


I would have walked, right then and there. There are plenty of developer jobs out there not to have to deal with that.


Out of curiosity, it is a corporate type company you work for, As normally corporate companies will pay employees with degrees, more then employees without one, despite experience or ability.


It is. But, he knew I didn't have a degree when he hired me, nor does half the ppl that work there. That's why I'm shocked that's his excuse.

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