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Divya Kumari
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Getting started with Java ..

Hello !!
This is my very first blog and in this blog I'm gonna write about my learnings of day 1 and 2 . How I started learning this and still doing that.

So, I started it from the very basics like how it basically works.
So, the very first step is that Source code is compiled to byte code and then Java Virtual Machine compiles the byte code into machine code.

Introduction to Java :-

  1. It is most popular language as we can use this in app development, web development, client- server applications e.t.c.

  2. It is an object oriented programming language developed by Sun Microsystems of the USA in 1991.

  3. Originally it was known as Oak by James Goslin who was also one of the Inventors of Java.

Then I saw the basic structure of Java Program.

Naming conventions (Pascal and camel case), Variables and data types, Literals, Keywords ,then How we can take input from the user and did some basic questions.

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