How many developers are musicians?

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How many of you play an instrument?
Do you play in a band?

if (you do) {
please leave a comment with a link to your music.
} else {
listen to music from comments!

This way I want to learn more about bands you guys play in, maybe some of that music will be on my playlist in the future.


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Hey man thanks for replying!

For a moment i thought nobody is into music here.😁

I dig this song you posted, i like how it builds up to the choir,choir gives another dimension to song.


I used to be a musician a long time ago (MA degree and all), I only started transitioning into IT at the age of 30.

Sadly I don't really have any good recordings.

(Also, greetings from Belgrade) ðŸĪŠ


Greetings fellow Serbian!
I'm glad that there are more and more Balkan people here!

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