Which is the best alternative to start a blog?

I want to start sharing my little fragments of code (like gist) and its explanation in a simple and efficient personal blog, but I do not know what platform use. What do you all recommend?

Nothing complicated like Wordpress, etc. I was thinking on GitHub Pages with Jekyll, what do you think?

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Yea, Github Page with Jekyll it's pretty nice! I used on my portfolio juulhao.github.io

I recently switched my blog hosting to Netlify.

I started looking for the best platform for a static site, and a few stood out but I eventually tried Netlify, and I’m glad I did.


Static sites have the obvious limitation of not being able to do any server-side operation, like the ones you’d expect from a traditional CMS for example.

This is an advantage (less security issues to care about) but also a limitation in the functionality you can implement.

A blog is nothing complex, maybe you want to add comments and they can be done using services like Disqus or others.

Or maybe you want to add a form and you do so by embedding forms generated on 3rd part applications, like Wufoo or Google Forms.

Netlify provides a suite of tools to handle Forms, authenticate users and even deploy and manage Lambda functions.

Need to password protect a site before launching it? ✅

Need to handle CORS? ✅

Need to have 301 redirects? ✅

Need pre-rendering for your SPA? ✅

I just scratched the surface of the things you can do with Netlify without reaching out to 3rd part services, and I hope I gave you a reason to try it out.

Hope that helps, let us know when you publish your blog. 😄

I use Jekyll and I am happy with it. It took some time to learn it and to make it nice - I am a backend guy - but in the end, it was for my own benefit.

There are Hugo and Netlify too in case you want more flexibility.

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