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The Developer's Guide to the Vue Ecosystem

What is the Vue Community guide?

Do you know which UI framework to use for your next Vue project?
Have you wondered what is the best way write a mobile app with Vue?
What are the best books, blogs or courses to learn Vue from?

Vue's growing popularity directly reflects on its ever expanding ecosystem. It is very hard for a developer to know the pros and cons of each library, tool or UI framework in the Vue world.

The Vue Community Guide is aimed to help devs, novice or experienced, by giving them categorized and summarized information about the popular Vue tools and plugins. Think of it as a guide, explaining where to find more information on various Vue related topics.

From simple things like what editor to use, common FAQ-s that are asked over and over in the Forum or in Vue Land chat, TLDR's of popular Vue UI frameworks, to learning resources and materials, most of which are screened through and validated for quality, all of this and much more is in there.

This guide is intended to be written by and for the community.

How is this different from the docs, the cookbook or others similar?

The docs are strictly related to Vue itself and do not touch topics outside of it.

The cookbook shows recipes for common scenarios and problems, rather than going into deeper external libraries and tooling.

Awesome Vue is an awesome list, oh snap, of all kinds of plugins, tooling and learning resources, but lacks explanations or comparison between them.
The Community Guide is not meant to list everything, but rather show the most popular solutions to the most common problems.

Vue Curated is just a list of popular Vue projects, background checked by members of the Vue Team. It does not give any explanation on why and what those give you. As of now, the project is a bit forgotten.

Is this an official source?

No. As of now, this is not an official guide by the Vue Core team.

Who is behind this?

The project's idea and initial efforts comes from Gusto, who wanted to create a helpful resource for the moderators over at Vue Land, to easily answer the most common questions asked on the chat. Around a year ago I (Dobromir Hristov) got invited into the project and took over most of the remaining work.

As of now, the guide is mostly maintained by me, with the occasional help of other experts in the Vue Community, like Natalia Tepluhina, Damian Dulisz, Alexander Lichter to name a few.

How and why should you contribute?

As with everything spanning across so many topics, the Community Guide needs help from experts, as it lacks information in some parts.

Go to the repo and check the Issues. If you have experience with a topic that needs help, comment there, claim it and create a PR.

If you come across a page that is missing information, especially in a field you are proficient at:

  • find it's ticket
  • comment there
  • create one if its missing
  • even better create a PR and help out.

No matter if you contribute a whole section or just fix an error or two, it all counts! It is a perfect opportunity for first time contributors as well.

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Dobromir Hristov

What do you need from me?

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ChangJoo Park(박창주)
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Can we request help here?

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What kind of help?

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Say, I want to learn about Google sign in.

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Dobromir Hristov

Deff not the place to ask questions like that. Its a guide for community projects, not a personalized help desk.

Use the forum or discord Vue chat.

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Coco Marz

Very Helpful thanks a lot !

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Konstantin BIFERT

Awesome initiative. 💪🏻

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Add vue youtube development channels like program with erik, webnoob, andre madarang!