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Breaking Down Monitoring in Azure

So let’s talk monitoring in Azure, and honestly this is a topic that makes most people start to become a “deer in headlights”. And the reason is that most executives love to say “We need to have a great monitoring story” but monitoring is a massive topic and most don’t know where to begin.

And the truth is that it is a huge and multi-faceted topic that have a variety of solutions that can be applied in a variety of ways. So I wanted to gather some resources to help give you if your trying to figure out which way is up.

MSLearn: Provides guided learning through articles, hands on labs and videos on a variety of topics. Some of the key ones I thought would be of interest given your ask are:

When it comes to monitoring we have several products and services that are at the core of providing that support:

Additionally we have videos at a site called Channel 9 on a variety of topics

Links for Kusto the Log Analytics Querying Language

Deploying ARM Templates through CLI

Links for Full Monitoring Solution

Links for Logs on Log Analytics and details of data captured

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