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Weekly Links – 11/4

Hello All, so I goofed and we missed last week’s post. I actually was at the International Association of the Chief’s of Police conference. Which is always a whirlwind and crazy experience.

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So that being said, down to business.


  • Build Great Xamarin Apps with App Center : As you probably know by now, I’m a big DevOps fan, and firm believer in its value. So this is a great description on how to use App Center to implement DevOps on your Xamarin Mobile Apps.


Video / Audio:

Fun Stuff:

So I’m a big fan of the Witcher books, honestly for as much as I enjoy games like Dungeons and Dragons, I’m usually not a fan of fantasy fiction. Honestly in general I find most of the genre to be overly slow in its story telling, and I get bored. But one of the exceptions to that is the Witcher, which tells engaging and dynamic stories really quickly. Geralt is a great character who lives in a really fascinating world. So when I heard NetFlix was adapting it, I was hopeful but concerned. Well the trailer dropped, and I’m really excited, this looks great.

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