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2021 year in review

Yes I know, I am late at publishing this. Somehow I missed it in my drafts.

Looking back at your achievements at the end of every year is a great way to boost your confidence and tackle the imposter syndrome :) So, here we go!

  • 1st prize at Remote Hackathon - Participated in the company’s internal remote hackathon with 6 other team members. Checkout more details here
  • Started writing technical blogs on topics related to python programming and software engineering. I also self-hosted the blog here with my first ever article. Since then I try to write at least 1 blog article each month. This year itself my posts had 20k views.

  • Delivered talks on following topics at my workplace

    • Introduction to ELasticsearch
    • Clean Code
    • Data Structures in Python
  • Created an open source telegram bot for covid : covid19-india-resources, repo link

  • Created a panel for checking vaccine booking slots. Booked 30+ slots for family and friends using this panel, Repo link

  • Read the following books:

  • Awesome movies that I watched:

  • Accepted a job offer from Tata 1mg as SDE-3. We are hiring at Tata 1mg. Checkout the jobs and let me know if you are interested to work at India’s leading healthcare brand.

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