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Cloneoa: the Klonoa custom level engine (indev)

Here's something I started but immediately abandoned two years ago, but picked up again recently, solely for the fact of this game being very underrated for its potential that has yet to be unlocked, especially for its Mario Maker level potential

There's also already a level editor though called klo-gba.js by macabeus, but overall, Klonoa hacking and all that is still young and unfounded for whatever reason

What's currently available is level loading, platforming, some items, a music and level theme, and two enemies

The rest of what the original Empire of Dreams had will be added underway

I've also documented most of how level data will work, along with working on a graphical interface program to edit levels easier

Soon, I will also be opening a forum dedicated to this project to allow sharing creations and show development of the engine

Follow the development here
or here

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