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What an organization wants from you?

Suppose tomorrow is your interview at a mid-level company like "xyz pvt Ltd.", in spite of all the preparations and technical brush-up, you may be still be lagging behind somewhere. Can you though of it? Some can say that their English is not good, on the other hand, your excuse may be that you're not well prepared for that.
We all have to admit, its been always occur to ourselves in at least 70% of the interviews we have given or will be in coming time. So, what will be the secret charisma that works in almost 60% of the organizations that make them hire you?

  1. Power of persuading(Convincing power).
  2. Teamwork.
  3. Basic computer operations.

Yes! you read them right. These are the 3 key qualities which you must develop to increase your chances of hiring at a rate of more than 30% in most of the organization.

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Wez Pyke

Be confident in your own ability and that will shine through.