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So I’ve been taking the time during this quarantine, to pursue an interest of mine and take the leap of faith into switching careers. I’ve been slowly but surely teaching myself how to code, and have learned so much within the past 3 months. This week I will be starting my first internship with a software development company, and I’m so grateful and excited to be collaborating with great minds and learning more. This may not be a job but it is a huge deal for me because I doubted myself so much in the past of my capabilities, and now I’m here!! Of course, there’s so much more learning for me to do, and achieving my goals isn’t going to happen overnight but every achievement needs to be celebrated no matter how small. I’m so grateful to God and my amazing partner who has continued to support me. This might sound cliche, but it’s truly NEVER too late to go after your dreams.To document my journey, I've created a youtube page where I post about my 100 days of coding challenge. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKxFE0AFLVDBJUG7WkQK6mA?view_as=subscriber

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I am a millineial who is currently transition from Education to the tech world. I am currently self teaching, and aspire to become a developer.


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Welcome! Internships are an amazing place to start, congratulations! I am also a fellow education-to-tech career changer! :)


Oh wonderful! that makes me feel like I am not alone! Thank you!!