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Grial UI Kit 4 is here! Beautiful UI for .NET MAUI apps

This post was written by the UXDivers Team and originally was posted on the Grial UI Kit Blog

Yes! Grial UI Kit 4 is here and it includes .NET MAUI support.

For those of you not familiar with the product, Grial UI Kit has been around for quite some time. From the early days of Xamarin.Forms to this new .NET MAUI era, our team has been trying to push the boundaries of what’s possible with the platforms in terms of user experience and user interface design. Grial UI Kit provides .NET developers all the resources they need to build beautiful apps faster than ever.

Today, after 7 years in the market and countless Xamarin.Forms apps built, we are happy to announce that Grial UI Kit 4 is ready.

So, what's Grial UI Kit?

Easy, it’s the most comprehensive library of UI/UX resources available for .NET MAUI and Xamarin.Forms. It’s a world of infinite resources that will save you and your team countless hours of development time. Plus, it’s the best way to bootstrap your .NET MAUI project.

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  • Over 100 fully customizable pages ready to be included on your .NET MAUI or Xamarin.Forms project.
  • Use our templates out of the box or recombine different parts of different pages to create your own. Add, remove, tweak, whatever your needs are, Grial UI Kit can adjust to them.
  • Over 30 UI controls available. Floating Menu, Drawer Control, Data Grid, Video Player, Maps, Tab Control, Pop-Ups, Carrousel View, Checkbox, Radio Buttons, Selectable Wrap Panel, Rating Control, and so much more.
  • Super fast project kickstart. Simply create an account in Grial Web Admin, select the pages you want to include in your project, select a base theme or pick an accent color for your app. Change your namespaces, and voilá, get a complete, MVVM framework agnostic, well structured, and fully customizable .NET MAUI or Xamarin.Forms solution.

Btw, the great Gerald Versluis coined the term "App in a box" and we loved it!

The Grial UI Kit demo app is currently available for iOS and Android phones and tablets. The demo app was designed to showcase not only what’s included in Grial UI Kit, but also as a tool for those .NET devs out there trying to solve a UI puzzle.

Search for patterns, controls, icons, you name it, whatever you need to include in your .NET MAUI or Xamarin.Forms you’ll find it in Grial.

Download Grial UI Kit demo app for iOS:

Download Grial uI Kit demo app for Android:

Key things about this new Grial UI Kit version

  • .NET MAUI support. This is of course the first highlight of this new version.
  • Fully redesigned. The kit has been completely re-designed to be even more flexible and sexy.
  • Grial Web Admin. Our web admin has been redesigned and the Grial UI Kit content catalog has been organized in categories. You can now search for a page, control, or whatever you need to include in your project.
  • Redesigned demo app. Don’t let us tell you about how beautiful our demo app is, get it on the stores and get inspired for your next .NET MAUI or Xamarin.Forms project.

Useful links

Visit the Grial UI Kit website to know everything about it.

Get started with Grial UI Kit 4:

Get the demo apps here.

Grial UI Kit blog. Subscribe and stay tuned.

Thanks for reading! Get Grial UI Kit, get inspired.

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