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The .NET Docs Show: Hacking DateTime bugs 🦟 in PROD

ievangelist profile image David Pine ・1 min read

In this episode of The .NET Docs Show, Jon Skeet (@jonskeet) rips apart the shows source code in a #LiveShare session with me. As part of this week's #CheckUp, we shared Visual Studio IntelliSense updates for C# string interpolation.

The #HallwayTrack with Jon was amazing and we covered a lot of ground. We discussed why DateTime structures are difficult to work with, despite being so easy to use - an interesting quagmire 😕. We talked about leap years, months, and even seconds (which I didn't realize was a thing). We highlighted a few bits of NodaTime and Jon was set loose in our source code...which is of course very entertaining. Enjoy!

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