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Unity 106: Platforms and Builds

Now its time to build your game. To start building, you need to open up the build settings window. On the Unity main menu, choose File -> Build Settings. Select the Add Open Scenes button to add the scene that's open. You need to add all the other scenes you use in your game by dragging and dropping them.

unity build settings dialogue

Switching Platforms

By default, you'll see that the Platform is set to PC, Mac & Linux Standalone on the left. You can change the Target Platform by selecting the the platform you want to build for, then select Switch Platform at the bottom.


When ready, select the Build and Run button. Save the executable application anywhere you want it. The build process will start and the game will run in fullscreen when the build is done. To exit fullscreen, press Alt+Enter on windows, or cmd + f on Mac.

You can get more information about supported platforms at the Unity documentation.

Please check our full video covering this topic in our video beginner series for Unity.

This concludes our Unity 101 series.

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